24 Hour Support and Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

24 Hour Support and
Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

The NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre, the only provincially-mandated organization dealing directly with the issue of sexual violence in NL, in collaboration with community partners, is hosting 7 days of learning, advocacy, and awareness events to mark the significance of this week.

“As we’ve seen in the media this year, sexual violence impacts so many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians – we hope this week’s events can create awareness and help us consider how we can all take action”, says Sandra McKellar, Executive Director of the NLSACPC. “Sexual Violence Awareness Week provides folks an opportunity to talk about what can be a complicated and uncomfortable issue here in NL. Talking about sexual violence can be uncomfortable for us because it involves talking about power and violence in a sexual context. However, talking about sexual violence in our communities is crucial to reducing stigma, specifically around the myths and perceptions that allow it to flourish in the shadows”.

The Centre’s annual Take Back the Night event looks a little different this year. Traditionally, Take Back the Night is a march through the streets of St. John’s, facilitated in part by police presence. However, due to recent allegations of sexual violence by RNC officers, organizers and staff have opted for a police-free event in order to create a safe space for survivors and participants. Instead of a march, there will be a gathering in Bannerman Park on Friday, September 17th from 6pm-8pm and all are welcome to join.

For more information about Sexual Violence Awareness Week, the events, and how you can participate, visit the NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre’s Facebook page at https://www.Facebook.com/EndSv.

24 Hour Support and Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

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