24 Hour Support and Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

24 Hour Support and
Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

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Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Sexual Violence Awareness Week takes place during the third week of September each year. Community groups and members across the province host events and awareness campaigns during this week to provide information and education to the public around the issue of sexual violence.

Take Back The Night

As part of Sexual Violence Awareness Week, the NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre hosts the St. John’s Take Back the Night March on the 3rd Friday of September. The march is an organized public protest. It serves as a means for individuals to unite and voice the need to end sexual violence, fear, and victim-blaming.


Job Posting – Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant – Job Description The NLSACPC is a non-profit, community-based, charitable organization that exists to support individuals of all genders who have been impacted by sexual violence. We operate from a feminist, pro-choice, trauma-informed,...


Accessing Sexual Violence Supports Update

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador moved into Alert Level 4 on Monday May 11th. While more businesses and social activities begin to open up, we at the NLSACPC continue to work remotely to provide you with support. As the province begins to move toward the...


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Please see attached images for changes on our programs and services due to COVID-19. If you are in need of support, our 24 Hour Support and Information Line is available at 1-800-726-2743.


We are hiring for a position in Labrador! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BENqoe4Of2Q1f5vUuBMMuQyE26PnRI8T/view?usp=sharing

So glad to see this @rcmpgrcpolice brochure on the Burin peninsula - sharing accurate, plain language info abt consent & the law is essential.

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The Journey Project - NL's Sexual Violence Legal Support Service remains operational as does our 24/7 Support & Information Line.
We're here when you're ready.
We will believe you.
You are not alone.

NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre 24/7 Support & Information Line:
phone: 1-800-726-2743

The Journey Project - NL:
phone: 1-833-722-2805
email: support@journeyprojectnl.com
text: 709-986-2801We know that sexual violence is still happening in our communities and that survivors have been impacted by the reduction and suspension of many support and legal services in our province. The Journey Project - NL continues to support individuals who have been impacted by sexual violence in Newfoundland and Labrador. While our staff continues to work remotely and practice public health guidelines, our Sexual Violence Legal Support Service continues to provide free legal advice and individualized support to survivors. When you feel ready, reach out and we will do our absolute best to support you. You are not alone.

email: support@journeyprojectnl.com
phone: 1-833-722-2805
text: 709-986-2801

For access to 24/7 support from the NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre call 1-800-726-2743 any time, day or night.

For legal inquiries not relating to sexual violence, contact Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
email: info@publiclegalinfo.com
phone: 1-888-660-7788

The Learning Network at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children
produced this infographic in collaboration with the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services and Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.

"Sexual violence is still occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, sexual violence is often made possible by
situations of increased isolation and social marginalization.

Here are some ways that the COVID-19 pandemic is
impacting sexual violence:
• Pandemic-related stressors such as unemployment, financial stress, or loss of coping strategies can increase
attempts to “control” others through sexual violence.
• Increased opportunities for online grooming and cyber sexual violence may put individuals at risk during and
after the pandemic.
• Sexual exploitation of an individual’s financial strain may occur, such as demands for sex in lieu of rent or in
exchange for food, other resources, or a safe place to stay.
• The complexity and overall needs of survivors of historical sexual violence may increase during this stressful
• Alcohol or drugs – which some people use to cope with the impacts of the pandemic – can be exploited by
others to facilitate sexual assault.
• Increased risk of intimate partner violence during the pandemic is also connected to higher risk of sexual
• Restrictions on visits and fewer staff in prisons or residential care settings – such as group homes or long-term
care homes – can further enable opportunities for sexual violence in these spaces.
• Social/physical distancing measures may put individuals in isolation at home with others who may cause harm
(e.g. sexually abusive intimate partners, caregivers), and away from bystanders who might otherwise intervene
to stop sexual violence.

These impacts may affect people differently due to their individual circumstances and the intersecting oppressions they
face, such as colonialism, ableism, racism, cisnormativity, and classism. COVID-19 can also create barriers that will
differentially affect survivors of sexual violence who are seeking support. Some of these barriers include:
• Difficulty finding private and safe times to reach out for support while isolated with others.
• Reluctance to go to the hospital or access other services out of fear of exposure to COVID-19.
• Schedule changes to public transportation services limiting the ability to access supports.
• Pandemic-related concerns and needs that may result in minimization of sexual violence and its impacts.
• Shame and fear of repercussions for disclosing if the sexual violence occurred while disobeying social/physical
distancing mandates.
• Separation from informal supports (e.g. religious community, co-workers) and coping strategies (e.g. coffee with
friends, going to the gym).

Supports for survivors of sexual violence are available, and sexual assault services continue to operate (e.g. by
phone and online, through hospital services).

Help your local sexual assault centre and join us in increasing awareness about the impacts of sexual violence
and COVID-19. Please share this resource.

The Learning Network at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children
produced this resource in collaboration with the following organizations: Association of Alberta Sexual Assault
Services and Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres."
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Over the past few weeks the ongoing pandemic has drastically shifted the way in which we interact with one another. While social distancing will help keep us safe from the virus, it can have a negative impact on vulnerable folks. Survivors may be feeling isolated from family, friends or community supports. We also know that home is not always a safe place, especially for those experiencing intimate partner violence. During these challenging times it is so important to connect with and support people impacted by sexual violence in our communities. One way we do this is through our 24 Hour Support Line.
Thanks to United Way Newfoundland and Labrador and their generous donation of $5000 from the Atlantic Compassion fund, our line now has increased capacity to support the anticipated higher call volumes in the coming months. This money allowed us to hire temporary workers for additional coverage on the line and offset volunteers who had to step back from the line due to the pandemic.

Please know that if you have been impacted by sexual violence we are here to listen. 1-800-726-2743
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This week is National Volunteer Week! We want to thank our incredible team of volunteers for the time and support they offer to our Centre and those who reach out to us. In this time of social distancing we are especially grateful for the connections you create with the survivor community. You are truly the heart of our Centre! ... See MoreSee Less

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24 Hour Support and Information Line: 1-800-726-2743

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